Bio: Although I struggle with pushing beyond the American life of comfort, I am a firm believer that following Jesus should lead believers to live an adventure, live risky, and often put others first. I'm passionate for outdoor activities and am addicted to conversations of authenticity, especially if they're over coffee after I've woken up before the sunrise, spent my morning with Jesus and gone for a long run. I'm passionate to see women grow to walk in their identity and freedom in Christ. After spending a few years living as a missionary(ish) in a plethora of countries all over the world and continuous traveling, I have developed an insatiable case of wanderlust. I'm enthralled with cultures, people groups, and seeing the One true God breathing and moving in every country I step foot in. I relentlessly ask people questions to get to know them. I recognize the blessing of the unique life and opportunities that God has given me as a single woman. But my biggest fear is to go through this one life I've been given and waste it

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